Always a Premium service

Physio Connect has been providing Physiotherapy services to the residents of Frankston and surrounds for over 30 years. Our highly qualified and experienced staff are dedicated to ongoing professional education and providing expert treatment to their many valued clients.

We take the time to listen

Our appointment times are longer so that we can take the time to comprehensively treat and assess all of your problem areas.

We take a hands-on approach

Our physiotherapists are trained and experienced in manual therapy- which includes soft tissue massage techniques, trigger point therapy, spinal joint mobilization techniques and spinal joint manipulation .

We keep the language simple

We realise that understanding your own problem is essential in making a complete recovery, and therefore we take the time to explain your diagnosis in clear and concise language that is easily understood.

We focus on reducing pain immediately

No one likes to be in pain. Our objective is always to reduce your symptoms right from your first visit and to start you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

We focus on delivering results that last

Our physiotherapists will ensure you are physically equipped to avoid re-aggravations of your problem, and have the knowledge to prevent your problem reoccurring.